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National Organizations

The American Orchid Society


The American Orchid Society 
is more than just a flower club.  Throughout its history the AOS, in keeping with its vision and mission, has strived to bring our members timely and state-of-the-art orchid information, support basic and applied research in orchids, and monitor and support conservation effort both here in North America as well as throughout the World.


Visit the American Orchid Society website here.

Orchid Digest


Orchid Digest is a magazine published for the purpose of dissemination of information concerning the culture, growing, hybridization, use and appreciation of orchids.
Visit the Orchid Digest website here.

The Orchid Mall


The Orchid Mall is a listing of links to various informational and commercial sources about orchids. There is no fee for listing a link or maintaining it.
Visit the Orchid Mall website here.



Internet Orchid Species Encyclopedia



The IOSPE provides detailed information and photographs on over 13,000 different orchid species and is dedicated to orchid lovers the world over.
Visit the IOSPE website here.

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